3 Easy to Remember Energy Saving Tips

Becoming energy efficient doesn’t have to be a huge hassle – in fact, after a while you won’t even look at it as a chore! Here are a few of the top ways that you can save more money on your yearly energy expenses.

Replace your old appliances. This is a very important tip to remember because the majority of older appliances perform very poorly in the energy saving department – most suck way too much energy for what they are worth, and most have outdated parts that do not even need to be there. You can always give your older appliances to someone else who can still use them if you do not want to simply throw them away.
Always remember to turn off the lights. Eventually you won’t even think about flipping the switch when you exit a room! You waste more money each year lighting up rooms that don’t even have people in them than you end up paying for the rooms that you frequent the most. Instead of using an actual light in the hallway consider purchasing a bright night light that will do the trick.
Always remember to unplug any electric appliance that isn’t in use. This applies to any of your appliances in the kitchen – there is no need to keep the microwave, toaster or coffee pot plugged in 24/7. You should also apply this same tip to any other household electronics, like game systems and TV’s, that are not in use.
While it can be difficult to break old habits, most energy saving tips are not hard to implement or even remember for that matter.

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