Climate Warming Business Opportunities

Our earth has changed its climate before, just ask the dinosaurs. The earth is a living, breathing entity and has its cycles just like every other living thing. As the earth warms up again it will affect the way business is done.

Farmers are obviously affected by the change in weather. If the summers are dryer and hotter they will need to start planting crops that can take the dryer and hotter days. Some areas will be wetter or colder and so crops will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Tourism would possibly be affected as tourists avoid too hot, too cold or too wet areas. Skiers would want to ski where there is real snow and not just on manmade snow. Swimmers would want to be where the water is cool and the sun moderate. Too hot and the children burn the bottoms of their feet.

Pharmaceutical companies could be looking at products that are currently tropical. If the earth warms and the tropical areas move towards the poles, tropical diseases will move with them. Equipment would also change as appliances would need to be efficient for the new climate. Air conditioning or heating units would need to be improved in the new climates.

Companies will need to work with coastal cities as the water level rises and starts to flood more coastal cities. As the polar ice pack erodes, the oceans of the world will enlarge all their boundaries and flood the area where the majority of the earth’s population now resides, the coasts. Moving people and homes and businesses would become big business. Whole cities would have to move up to higher ground. There would be so much catastrophic work for companies to do.

If the earth does continue to warm there will be many opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs to expand their business into new and interesting areas and to help humanity to survive, something the dinosaurs could not do.

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