Cutting Energy Costs During the Winter

If you live in a state that gets very cold during the winter your monthly bills probably get much steeper than they usually are – especially if everything is run on electricity. Since the majority of newer homes are being built as all-electric as a opposed to gas and electric you should probably keep a few tips for cutting your energy costs down during the winter handy – even if you currently use gas to heat your home. Here are a few of the top things that you should remember come winter time.

Don’t run the heat when you are not home. This one is very easy – so easy that most people forget until they see the huge bill at the end of the month! There is no need to heat a house that you are not presently in, so always try to remember to turn it off before you head out to do any errands.
Don’t heat rooms that are not occupied. Heating unoccupied rooms probably attributes to more of your energy bill than you are aware of – after all, most people love coming back to a warm, cozy room! However, it’s just as easy to wear a coat and some fuzzy slippers until the room heats back up.
Ditch as many space heaters as you can. Space heaters suck a lot of energy, regardless of the model you are using. While many of the newer ones claim that they are very energy efficient, they still contribute more to your monthly statement than you would probably like to see. For this reason, consider forgoing the space heater in all the rooms of your house and settle for one that you simply carry around with you.

There are a lot more methods out there aside from the above three – once you start getting serious about saving energy during the winter you will start thinking of all kinds of little ways that you can cut back on your usage!

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