Different Methods to Grow a Home Garden

It would be a great world if everyone could grow their own food and do it on just solar energy and rain water. This reality is now a possibility for the people that live in an urban environment and not just for the people that live out in the country. Usually a person would pick a spot of good soil to raise crops and start readying the soil to plant seeds into it. In an urban environment it is hard to find good unused soil that you can plant seeds in.

You don’t need to use soil for plants anymore we have figured out other ways of growing plants that don’t need a dirt medium. We can grow smaller plants in just water or in air by using a hydroponic system or anaeroponics system. Aeroponics is when a plant grows with its roots suspended in air and touching nothing else. This way of growing can be beneficial to the plant, because it cuts down on root rot. Root rot destroys the root system of a plant, because there is no oxygen touching the root system. This is a problem with soil growing and it can kill plants that would otherwise be doing fine in water or the air.

People that live in the urban areas of the country need to figure out a way to grow food in a unique way like using a vertical garden. If you are the kind of person that live in a city and wants to be less dependent on other people then using a vertical garden is a step in the right direction.

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