Don’t Teach Your Child to be a Litter Bug

One of the worst habits that you can teach your child is to litter – it makes the roads look horrible and trash can often lead to fatalities in native wildlife populations. Fortunately, it’s really easy to learn how to properly dispose of trash and unused items. Here are a few tips that you may want to take into consideration so that your children don’t grow up to be litter bugs.

Praise them for throwing things away. If you are starting young the easiest way to make sure your children develop good habits when it comes to disposing of trash is to encourage them with praise. For instance, you can ask them to throw away a wrapper or tissue for you and then reward them with smiles, words of praise, or by taking the time to play a favorite game with them.
Always have a trash bag or can handy. This is especially important to remember when you are taking long trips in the car – a handy bag just for trash will eliminate almost all urges to litter because disposing of it properly is more convenient.
Don’t let them see you throw anything out the window. Throwing trash out the window or on the ground is completely unnecessary, and it can even become a fatal hazard to other vehicles on the road. In fact, many states have laws that make this an offense punishable by a large fine and even jail time. The only way you can truly teach your children not to do this is to show them that you don’t believe in it either.

The easiest way to teach your children not to litter is to lead them by example – they will pick up on a lot more if they are constantly exposed to good trash habits in their everyday lives. Picking up your own trash leads to a much healthier, cleaner environment for everyone involved.

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