Energy Star Means Savings

Are you in the market to purchase a new appliance? If so, do not buy the lowest costing product or buy just anything. Look for a product that has the Energy Star label on it. This could help you to save money time and time again. Consider all of your options before you invest in any specific appliance.

Tips for Buying Products
Take the time to learn about the Energy Star program. It helps you to know which appliances meet the government’s guidelines for being cost effective to run and operate. These products cost less to operate than those without such a symbol.

When buying a new heating or cooling system, look for this symbol. It shows that the system provides effective heating or cooling but that it does so without costing you a lot of money in energy.
Larger appliances, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves also have this type of energy efficiency information. Compare models to determine which offers the best possible energy savings to you.
Whenever you buy a product that does not have this label on it, compare the amount of energy it uses to operate with other products of the same type. If it costs less, but it uses more energy in the long term, it is less beneficial to you.
Energy conservation is not just about saving money in your pocket from using these appliances. It is also the only way to help reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and to increase how effectively we use energy throughout our lives. Look for the Energy Star symbol on any of the appliances you plan to buy before purchasing.

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