Where to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Old appliances have the potential to cost you hundreds of dollars every year because they are no longer energy efficient as they age. However, you don’t have to simply leave them on the curb if they are weighing down your wallet. Here are a few of the top places that you can get rid of your old appliances at.

Local thrift stores and second hand shops. While many thrift stores don’t take the majority of older appliances that walk through their doors, most second hand and consignment shops will. If nothing else, you can donate them to charity organization so that they are still put to good use. Use your hp laptops to find different organizations locally that are in need of and accepting donations.

A yard sale held during the weekend. You don’t necessarily have to hold the sale during the weekend, but generally these are the days that yield the highest amount of traffic. The important part about offering your old appliances in a yard sale is to remember not to over price them – no one is going to be interested in purchasing a 10 year old washer for more than $20, regardless of the amount you initially paid for it.

Place a classified ad in the paper. Local newspapers often have a classified section that is completely dedicated to the sale of used items. If your area has one this can be a great place to get rid of a few old appliances assuming that they still function well! However, just like a yard sale, you can’t expect to make very much money if you go this route.

If you can’t find someone else that can use your old appliances you can always take them apart and redeem some of the metal scraps for some cash. It won’t be a lot of money but it can at least buy a rental movie at the end of the day! You could even make a family tradition out of it.

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