Helping to Manage Our Earth’s Resources

Scientists continue to tell us that the earth is warming. We might not be able to fully control the temperature of the earth, but there are steps that can be taken to not accelerate global warming beyond what Mother Nature is doing on her own.

Cars emit chemicals into the air and busses and trains emit fewer per person per mile traveled. Public transport can be effective in reducing total emissions when they are utilized intelligently.

There are many different forms of renewable energy that can continue to be used. Wind power and solar power can be better used than they are today. We are already at our peak ability to use water in hydro-electric plants. They will not give us any more ability other than increasing the effectiveness of the plants and thereby having the same plant produce more power. This is happening already.

Nuclear power is clean and safe. It is not utilized with any real degree in the United States. Bringing more nuclear plants on line would allow us to burn less coal and oil which are big pollutants into the atmosphere.

Use more efficient heating and cooling systems. Insulate our homes and businesses better. Smart grids for electrical needs can make major inroads to more effective use of the resources we do have so we are not overproducing at times and under producing at others.

Keep your vehicles properly maintained. Oil changes at the right times, frequent tire pressure checks and tune ups all contribute to better performance for your car and reduce the emissions into the atmosphere. Save money and keep the air cleaner? Who could ask for more?

Houseplants are beautiful, fun to see and they help the earth. Trees and shrubs outside the home are also helpful to the environment.

We have to live on this earth. It is the only one we have and so proper management is always a good idea.

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