Let the Wind Create My Electricity

Wind power has been used by man for centuries. From the beginning of recorded history man has used wind to power sailing boats. When there was wind the boats would move and without it they would just sit, or the sailors would have to row.

4,000 years ago the Babylonians and Chinese harvested the power of the wind to pump water and irrigate their crops. Cong ty cung cap dich vu seo uy tin During the middle ages Europeans ground corn using windmills. This is where our current “windmill” word comes from.

Windmills work on simple principles. The sun heats the earth and the atmosphere unevenly and some areas become warmer than others. This unevenness causes the air to start moving as the warm air rises and the cool air descends to replace the warmer air.

Harvesting of the wind is accomplished using a tall tower and placing a large propeller high off the ground. Having the propellers high off the land places them more into the wind. More wind helps them to spin faster and create more energy. Often “windmill farms” are placed on existing farmland. Because the tall towers place the propeller so high in the air it is still possible to grow crops on the land below. This is good dual use for the land.

We have found the larger the propeller the more efficiently they gather the wind. The wind turns the propeller which causes a gear in the housing to turn. This gear is connected to a generator and electricity is created.

If you build a lot of towers generating electricity and if you have plenty of wind: then you will produce more electricity. You can power small cities with just one windmill farm. Provided the wind blows. There are thousands of places where the wind often blows and can create effective windmills.

Placing these clean energy sources has become a priority and they are popping up all over the country allowing us to enjoy clean and efficient energy.

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