A New Refrigerator Can Save You Money

When refrigerators get older their parts begin to lose their functionality – this in turn starts to cost you m ore and more each year on your energy bill. Aside from saving your pocket book a couple hundred dollars each year, using energy efficient appliances can also help conserve the environment. Here a few of the top reasons why buying a new refrigerator is in the best interest of your family.

Older machines don’t function properly. Time wears down anything that is mechanical – and your kitchen appliances certainly are not exempt from this rule. Coils will weaken and bolts will loosen over time, both of which create an avenue for energy to be sucked from the rest of your house and into your refrigerator.
Newer models have built in energy saving parts. The majority of newer models feature less parts as a whole which is very beneficial to you as a consumer – the less parts your fridge has the less parts that can wear down and break.
A new refrigerator won’t break down at an inconvenient time. Older appliances always seem to break at the worst moment, especially when money is tight.
The best part about ditching your older model and purchasing a new refrigerator is that you don’t even have to throw away the old one. You can always donate it to charity or sell it in a yard sale so that someone else can get some use out of it before it is completely dead. Even though keeping your old fridge isn’t in your best interest anymore when it comes to energy savings it can still help a less fortunate family that can’t afford a newer one yet.

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