Why Your Pharmacist Wants a Green Planet

If you wish that the planet was greener, in the ecological sense, you definitely aren’t alone.

Your pharmacist is right there with you.

That might be surprising, because pharmacists are thought to dispense pills without showing interest in natural options. But a lot of the pills that people get from their pharmacists each day for various conditions are plant based. The heart drug Digitalis, for example, comes from a plant.

The plants that are used to make the medications that pharmacists dispense every day could die out, though, if pollution isn’t better controlled. The pollution that gets into the air, water, and soil has an affect on plants, and your pharmacist knows that these plants are vital to keeping people healthy. It’s very important that plants used for medications don’t die out, because people need them.

Those interested in pharmacy school should be the ones leading the crusade for a greener planet, so that they can stay in the business of helping people who need life-saving medications.

Pharmacists Want You to Recycle

If they don’t want your old pill bottles back, ask where you can take them. That’s especially important if there are a lot of medications used in your house each month, and you have a lot of prescription bottles left over. There should be something you can do with them, so that they don’t just end up in a landfill. That can kill off some of the plants that might really be needed to make those medications, and your pharmacist won’t want to see that happen.

Changing Medications May be Beneficial to the Planet

Talk to your pharmacist about the drugs you’re taking, if there are generic equivalents, and if there’s anything you can specifically do to make your world (and your medications) greener. You might be surprised at some of the simple changes you can work with in order to make your world greener and more ecologically friendly for your pharmacist and everyone else who needs medications.

Your pharmacist wants to educate you about the medications you’re taking and where they all come from. Is there an equivalent that’s better for the environment? If there is, talk to your doctor to see if you could switch over to it. You may only be one person, but your pharmacist will help you make the effort to help preserve much-needed medications for others to use.

Some people may not be able to switch medications safely, so there’s no need to feel bad if it’s not something that you can do.

Get Help From Your Pharmacist

Pharmacists are people, too, and they see the damage that pollution does to the environment in all kinds of ways. They see how it hurts the plants that are needed for medicinal purposes, but they also see how it hurts the people who get sick and need the medication. They are more concerned about the planet’s health as a whole than you might think, so don’t underestimate how they might be able to help you.

Even if you don’t use plant-based medications, pharmacists know how important they are. They want and need a greener world, for the sake of their patients.

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