Technology Tips: Environmentalism in Industry

Environmentalism is the noblest of ideas. This is a truth you’ll confess freely — as long as it’s followed by utter confusion of how to achieve it. Protecting the Earth seems too complicated, especially when that protection is applied to your business. Trying to tame technology to conservation is a concept you simply don’t understand; and you assume that implementing it within your company would demand too much time (and far more sanity).

There are ways to go green in business without gaining frustration, however — and the easiest of these involve your precious computers.

It’s estimated that companies waste $1,000,000,000 dollars each year of electricity. Too often is this number dismissed, however — with business assuming that power could never truly be wasted. Computers can’t exist without currents, after all.

Choosing to simply turn off machines when they’re not in use, however, can reduce energy by up to 70 percent (resulting in countless dollars saved and power grids less strained). This also dramatically decreases the amount of carbon produced by computers — freeing the air of harmful toxins and concerns.

Corporations wishing to further their environmentalism should also consider purchasing devices that are Earth efficient: with their designs requiring less power for operations and their systems automatically shutting down when not in use for extended periods of time. This saves energy and the planet.

A green philosophy is not impossible to maintain. It simply demands little gestures from companies — with the effects of these too important to deny.

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