Top 3 Energy Saving Tips for Children

You are never too young to start learning how to save energy around the house – even the smallest tasks can help! In fact, the best time to get kids interested in energy conservation is when they are still young and following you around everywhere – after all, if they are already copying your every move it shouldn’t be difficult to teach them to save energy, right? Here are a few easy tips that can help you teach your children to save energy and be more environmentally conscious.

Show them that you always turn out the light. There is no reason to keep a light on in a room that you are not even occupying. Always show your children that you flip off the light switch before you exit a room for good.
Set an example by keeping your showers short. The less time you spend in a hot shower the less energy you are using up to heat the water. Show you children early on that it does not take several hours to get washed and ready for the day – regardless of how good the water feels. As a bonus, knowing how to take quick showers really comes in handy on camping trips!
Remind them to unplug the toaster after they use it for Pop-tarts. You can’t expect your two year old to safely unplug any appliance, but a ten year old can definitely be held accountable for unplugging a toaster. Remember to always show them the safe way to do it and remind them never to stick anything metal into the socket – you should ideally supervise them around electrical appliances at all times.
If you start teaching your children to conserve energy early on they will begin implementing the tips they learned as a force of habit – all of the above ways easily become second nature!

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